Tips and Care Instructions For Pet Dogs in Winter

Do you have a pet dog ? What is the name ? There are about 1400 kinds of dogs in the world . About 500 of the them are classified and 240 of them are world famous .

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Old English Dog

Golden Retriever


Winter is coming and the weather is becoming cold . This season with low and changed temperature is considered disease-prone time . People are easy to get sick , so pet dogs . The Friends who keep a pet dog are generally very worried that their dogs will get cold , but do not know how to give dogs better warmth ; worried that their dogs will be loss of appetite, but do not know how to accommodate; see a lot of hair loss, but wonder if this is normal or pathological hair removal, etc.

There are too many problems and too much fear. In general, it is indeed more difficult to keep a pet dog in winter than in summer .There are many details to be noted whether in food, exercise, or bathing . If done well, pets dogs can keep away from sickness and the pet hospital. It is best to give a pet dog a timely vaccination for the prevention of colds and infectious diseases and enhancing resistance to diseases and cold.

Tips 1 : Do enough work to keep your pet dog warm

It is getting cold . The doghouse should be rearranged and added some warm materials. In early winter, the temperature difference is particularly large.If you do not do nightly warm work for your pet dog , your pet dog may tremble all night long and can not get into sleep. You should add thick blankets or warm clothes inside your dog’s kennel as cushions for your dog to fall asleep.Make sure to use soft blankets or clothes. Then your pet dog can get a both warm and comfortable sleep.
You should try your best to move the doghouse indoor , so you can prevent the cold air blowing the kennel directly .If you do not have this condition, you can add some barriers around the kennel. When you go out for a long time, you must wear your dog a warm coat. The selection of dog clothes is also a science .You must firstly understand your dog’s body size. You should measure out the length from the dog's neck to the tail end and then measure around the dog’s neck to determine the length and width of clothes . You also must remember to select some clothes more simple and easy to wear . If there are too many buttons or zipper on the clothes , your baby dog may not obediently wait for you to wear it !

Tips 2 :Do not ignore the cleaning of your dog

Do not think that you can be lax on the cleaning of your dog in winter. Because of the restless nature, your dog can not calm down especially when walking out, even run around excitedly and dirty the body. You may appropriately reduce the times to bath your pet dog in winter especially in cold windy day. You can clean some parts of your pet dog instead of the whole body, such as cleaning the dog's four legs and buttocks, or cleaning the parts which are dirty. If you need to wash its whole body, be sure to dry your dog after washing, do not let it play or sleep in a cool place . It is more difficult to completely dry a long-haired dog of relatively large size , so you can play with it and let it walk more to prevent colds. If your dog has been exhausted to endure a bath and just want to sleep, then you should cover it with a blanket.


Tips 3 :Do not relax to enhance your pet dog’s physical fitness

Strong physical fitness is the most fundamental guarantee of cold resistance. You should pay attention to two things on your dog: exercise and diet . Jogging, walking, climbing and other games can help dogs to enhance physical fitness and can help them control their weight during winter to avoid getting fat. The best exercise time should be the hours when the sun is not very intense but warm. A reasonable diet is also important. In cold weather, dogs, like humans, need to add more food, so you should prepare them the food of high quality and feed some more every day , then your dog can save more heat to withstand the cold. If the condition permits, you can let your dog take some anti-viral oral liquid, then it will not be afraid of catching a cold in cold weather.

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